Be part of the excitement at:

The 2017 ALAMOS

Int’l Jazz Day Festival

(New Orleans Style).

Thank you for your interest in exploring sponsorship opportunities for the 2017 Alamos International Jazz Day Festival Jazz and Blues Festival (AIJDF). This will be the 6th year for the UNESCO International Jazz Day Festival Celebration (the 1st in Alamos) Produced by International Jazz Day Foundation, scheduled for April 2017 (date to be determine soon) in Alamos Sonora Mexico. Since the founding of the festival by Wm. Doc Jones Founder & Executive Director of the Foundation, we are proud to say that we have grown in attendance and musical caliber every year in Phoenix Arizona and for the first time this year in Puerto Penasco Mexico. This includes welcoming World Class artists and

attendees internationally and nationally. Next year 2017 year we hope to make some aggressive changes to the impact this festival will have on the community of Alamos and the surrounding areas. As this growth is seen as positive we recognize the weight of responsibility it bears on this foundation to be stewards of this growth in achieving our Intentions.

PURPOSE: To influence, assist and develop Jazz programs in the community of Alamos and its surrounding towns .

MISSION: That the International Jazz Day Foundation bring the musical artistic and creative of New Orleans Jazz to Alamos Sonora Mexico to raise the resources to keep music prograns Afloat in the school and introduce Jazz to the local community

MEANS: By hosting our 1st Annual Alamos International Jazz Day Festival, artists internationally and nationally will perform and teach music in the community to all those who have interest.



Did you know: The Alamos International Jazz Day Festival Foundation will donate 50% of prof-
its of the festival will go to local schools in Alamos and 50% to music programs in Arizona in order to support and improve musical education, and to find and develop local musical talents to teach them New Orleans Jazz? Next year, one change we will add is, we will utilize national musicians from New Orleans to host weekend workshops leading up to the event. The students from these workshops will learn about New Orleans music and at the end of the workshop the students (with promising talents) will be a part of performing on the same stage as the award winning artists. Awarded for their different levels of accom- plishments at the festival. Our hope is to inspire the young that through self-discipline and training they can aspire to greatness in their personal efforts and interests, whether ultimately in music or something else throughout their lives. The greater the donations to cover our overhead the greater the impact we will have on the Alamos community.



Every year the talent at this Festival will be increasing in caliber. The high-energy shows performed by artists make for three great days of outdoor entertainment in the beautiful setting and great climate that the town of Alamos has to offer.

Next year 2017 we will be planning one big festival for the community for free, and 3 ma- jor VIP special ticketed events in resorts and the musem in Alamos by invitation only for the sponsors, investor, and city official from around the State of Sonora. The monies from those events will pay for the talents we bring in as well as Jazz programs we want to start. The AIJDF will hire all professional talent for the event Local and International. We will also showcase some of the up and-coming local talent from the workshops at the event. With your generous donations our marketing campaign will be both national and internationally promoted thanks to UNESCO, Herbie Hancock and Doc Jones.

Alamos International Jazz day Festival’s sponsorship benefits include but are not limited to:

• Visibility and partnership up until the com


mencement of the 2017 capital campaign: you will be part of the AIJDF activities during the whole year doing the other major festivals in Alamos like FOAT! • At our bi-monthly fund- raisers in the community we are planning, starting in November all sponsors will have an opportunity to promote. their company prod- ucts and services on our web site and our

These events will cater to varying demographics that have interests in supporting the arts in the Alamos community. • Logo display in media advertising and banners, International Jazz day Internet radio and television shows that we will be creating, mention in our Festival will be managed and staffed entirely by volunteers under the direction of Carlos Palomares and Janet Anderson

Alamos Int’l Jazz day Host Committee! They include business and professional people, retired citizens, homemakers and members of the community – all lending their various areas of expertise.

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