U.S. Consulate General Hermosillo Supports Alamos 1st International Jazz Day Festival

International Jazz Day Festival in Alamos, April 7 – 9th, 2017

Make your way to Alamos anytime between Friday, April 7th, Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th, 2017 and enjoy the Alamos International Jazz Day Music Festival (officially created by UNESCO and Herbie Hancock).

The festival brings local, national and international artists and performers together for our enjoyment. There are concerts, workshops and Jam session. All of the entertainment is free..

     Viernes (Friday) April 7

4:00 pm Casa de la Cultura

Music Work shop

7:30 pm -Alameda  Jazz Fest Inauguracion

     La Estudiantina,Ramon Alacantar, Cousin Alice, Doc Jones,

     Elaine Stepter (formerly of Rose Royce)  The Puerto Luna with Nacho Orega

10:00 pmHotel Colonial Jam Session

Jam Session

Sabado (Saturday) April 8

4:00 pm Casa de la CulturaMusic workshop

7:30 pm -Palacio Municiapal  Jazz Festival

La Estudiantina, Ramon Alacantar, Cousin Alice,

the Puerto Luna with Nacho Ortega Doc Jones,

Elaine Stepter (formerly of Rose Royce)

10:00 PM Casa de Los Tesoros Hotel

Jam Session

Domingo (Sunday) April 9

4:00 pm –  Casa de la Cultura

Music workshop

8:00 pm Las Palmeras Restaurant

No host Jazz Jam Session

The United States Consulate in Hermosillo is located near the major centers of power in the city and has responsibility for all of the state of Sinaloa and the southern two-thirds of the state of Sonora. Although much of its activity is dedicated toward providing visas to legitimate travelers to the United States, the officers and staff work to ensure that American citizens visiting and residing in the area are provided courteous and expeditious service when they visit the Consulate. This year the Consulate will be coming to Alamos to be apart of the 1st International Jazz Day Festival.

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