The Dominguez Family, Alamos Own

Int’l Jazz day Exe, Director Carlos Palomares, Doc Jones, Manuel Dominguez and his son Luis Dominguez.
The Dominguez was led by sax player Manuel Dominquez. He is the father to Luis, keyboards and sax, and Roberto who played a mean bass. Their family home was the old cine in town. One of their sisters was Lupita, the police woman. You can tell the Dominquez family by their million dollar smiles. Seen here, left to right, are Manuel, Luis, Javier Claussen Ramierz – guitar, Roberto, Pedro Tomas Hurtado

Valenzuela – drums, and their vocalist Hector Gastelumn


I went to see them play at a local dance, interesting music to say the least. They played their own intricate compositions that

incorporated elements from jazz, funk, rock, middle east, european, mexican pop and traditional music.  Most importantly, the packed hall stayed on their feet all night long dancing, viva musica! Seen here, 1996

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