Who We Are:

International Jazz Day AZ  Foundation (Crossing Borders) is an Arizona base Nonprofit Foundation dedicated to Uniting the State of Arizona around UNESCO /Herbie Hancock International Jazz Day Celebration. We are dedicated to the education of students of all ages and cultures. Through performance and interaction, we introduce our audience to musical genres from New Orleans and beyond.

Our Philosophy/What We Do:

Jazz blurs the boundaries between race, ethnicity, and culture. It unites us as a human race, based not on what we look like or where we live, but by its indescribable ability to move us beyond words. For these reasons, it is more important now because of the political climate than ever to bring Jazz music to the southern Bolder of Sonora Mexico at large!

Int’l Jazz Day AZ Crossing Borders provides 2 days of Jazz festival music workshop and fun. 30-45min of high energy, interactive assemblies designed to keep students engaged and excited, while exposing them to New Orleans Jazz and more genres across the globe. Clinics are available..

Starting with what we do:

Jazz Day AZ Foundation believe in bringing Jazz to Mexico to better our relationship with our nearbor in Mexico. Our initial fundraising efforts will go 100% toward promotional materials to present to schools and community organizations within the Arizona as well as corporate sponsors. With this backing, we will then have the means to take 10 to15 Students to Alamos Sonora Mexico for 4 days feed them housing—pay for transportation

Our Goals Through Kickstarter:

Int’l Jazz Day AZ  Foundation Crossing Borders is looking to perform

a concert at ASU University and the MIMs. The amount of money we need to raise to bring our 12-member band over for this wonderful opportunity is well beyond what we would ask of family/friends. Our objective is to find corporate sponsors through marketing and benefit concerts. To do this, we need professional marketing materials (website, professional promo DVD, promo packs, etc.). We have all of these materials in the works thanks to City Buzz Media; we just need the funding to be able to follow through on them. Your pledge will 100% go towards these materials which will, in turn, go towards raising the funds to bring the ensemble to schools and organizations around Sonora Mexico, that will–begin with Scottsdale.

We CAN Keep Going:

Kickstarter allows us to raise money beyond our set goal. Because we do not receive funds if our goal is not met, it is better to set our funding goal lower with the hopes of first reaching the goal and going beyond. Any money raised beyond our $3,500 goal will continue to be put toward this goal, as we have a long road ahead to reach what we estimate to be a $10,000 journey to Alamos Sonora Mexico.

We thank you in advance for your support with what we consider to be such an important cause. Sending this link to your email/facebook contact list would be such a tremendous help in our efforts.

Please check in on our website alamosjazzfest.com: and spread the word! Thank you again for your generosity and support!


Yours truly,

Doc Jones Executive Director

International Jazz Day AZ Foundation


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