Cobre Del Mayo sponsored the 2nd Alamos

*Alamos’ 2nd Annual International Jazz Fest’s Success Attributed to the
Support From Cobre De Mayo*

*BY Doc Jones*

UNESCOs International Jazz Day Jazz Fest has been around now for seven
years and in the past three years in Sonora Mexico.  The annual festivals will continue.

The Alamos International Jazz Day Festival, having completed its 2nd year in Alamos will become another respected
staple of the Alamos local cultural calendar.  Spectators attending the
2018 Fest looks forward to its success as a cause for celebration.

The Jazz Fest this year turned out to be what it’s founder,
Doc Jones, and former President of Scottsdale Sister Cities Max Rumbaugh
envisioned the event:  It is a means to an end, namely to use Jazz to
connect cultures.

Not only was the Festival a success, but the
workshop provided over thirty (30) youth with an introduction
to a new style of music and a new method of learning music.

Without the support from the Cobre DeMayo Mining
Company and the hard work of Bob Rink & his sister Katherine
Callingham of Scottsdale Sister Cities this year’s festival
would not have taken place.

The residents in the area who haven’t had much previous exposure to Jazz, were able
to check out and experience Doc Jones and The Lava Hot Band marching though the streets of Alamos
and to sample a concert or two.

Thank you to all who helped make 2nd Alamos International Jazz Day Festival possible, especially Alamos Presidente Omar Salas, Cobre DeMayo Mining Company and,Jim Healy, Emilio Mitre, Manuel González.

A special thanks goes out


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