In October, William “Doc” Jones visited Alamos for the purpose of exploring the possibility of holding an International Jazz Day Festival in Alamos in April 2017. He found that Alamos is a perfect location for an International Jazz Day Festival.  It is a “Pueblo Magico” city of Mexico and hosts the Alfonso Ortiz Tirado Festival (FAOT) each January.  It is a city known for its strong cultural heritage. He learned that the people of Alamos love music and each afternoon he participated in the city sponsored music lessons for the youth and citizens of Alamos at their Casa de la Cultura.  He loved what he saw. He loved what he heard. As a result of the encouragement of the citizens and leaders of Alamos, Doc created a committee of local citizens, members of Scottsdale Sister Cities, and Jazz musicians from New Orleans to begin planning an International Jazz Day activities in April, 2017 in Alamos. This committee moved quickly, thoroughly and enthusiastically. They have decided to hold the Alamos International Jazz Day Festival over the weekend of April 7 – 9, 2017. Now we are planning the 5th on Feb 25th- 27th 2022

Professional musicians and local musical groups will be scheduled during three days of Jazz throughout the city.  -Each evening local and international musicians will perform in selected locations.-Each afternoon Doc and his fellow professional musicians will conduct jazz workshops for young and mature musicians in other locations in the city. -These six events will be at no cost to the citizens and visitors to Alamos. -To end the evening and celebrate each day, a jazz fest will be held at a sponsoring location in the city. The committee will now begin seeking locations for these nine events. The plaza, the Alameda, hotels, the museum and town hall are all possible venues of one or two of the events. To make this possible, Doc and the committee have begun seeking sponsors. To recognize and encourage their support, an opening ticketed event will be held for the sponsors on Thursday evening. To learn more about International Jazz Day in Alamos and to offer your support, contact any of local International Jazz Day committee members: To learn more about International Jazz Day in Alamos and to offer your support, contact: Carlos Palomares, Executive Director, Alamos Division (Email: or Doc Jones ( Carlos, Doc and the many others who are working with them will be happy to discuss with you how you can become involved and make this exciting event happen. International Jazz Day was initiated in 2011 and is endorsed by UNESCO. This past April, International Jazz Day was celebrated in 195 countries on all 7 continents reaching over 3 billion people through education programs, performances, community service initiatives, radio, television and streaming, along with electronic, print and social media.

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