Jazz Day AZ Pays tribute to the passing of a Matriarch Suzanna


“It’s really amazing how a tragic thing like losing someone you respect and admire can Blossom into something so very positive,” says Doc Jones, Executive Director of International Jazz Day AZ Foundation. However, had my friend Suzanne not passed, I would not be behooved at this point in time to plan a tribute to her name instead we would be planning the 3rd Annual Alamos International Jazz Day Festival. Suzanne lived many years in Alamos Sonora Mexico as a resident, while offering entertainment in the form of live music, as well as in regards to food service and hospitality. I hope by this tribute we make a small contribution toward keeping her name alive in the City she loved and left her mark on. Some may know, her love for Jazz music brought us together 3 years ago. You will be missed Suzanna and I hope this tribute will not only let the people of Alamos remember you but Jazz lover all over the world RIP.

William Doc Jones

Executive Directo

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