Governor Ducey and Mayor Stanton congratulate new Governor of Sonora

The propeller governor Doug Ducey Arizona and Phoenix Mayor Greg Staton arizonenese led the delegation that attended on Sunday the inauguration of Claudia Pavlovich, the first governor of the state of Sonora.

“It is important that we are well represented,” Staton said. “It is a time of great change, positive change in the relationship between Phoenix and Arizona Sonora.”

The two dignitaries were accompanied by Congresswoman Martha McSally, like members of the Mexico-Arizona Commission, and Arizonans entrepreneurs.

The official ceremony was held on Mútliples Applications Center of Hermosillo, and was followed by a lunch where both Ducey as Stanton could congratulate the new president of the neighboring state.

Doug Ducey talks with the governor and Pavlovich
Doug Ducey Pavlovich talks with governor and the president of PRI, Manlio Fabio Beltrones. (Photo: Office of the Governor of Arizona)
Stanton also took the opportunity to meet with the counselor of the governor on education, an issue that the mayor will seek aprofundir during his second term.

“We discussed opportunities for educational exchanges in the future,” added Stanton. “We have many students going abroad to study. But there are many who go to Mexico.”

Stanton said that such exchanges are a good opportunity to cooperate more.

“It is a responsibility of both Mexico, and the United States, especially Arizona, to promote students to spend more time in Mexico. And there are also many students from Mexico who do not spend time in Arizona, so that benefits us our two economies, “Stanton said.

Ducey was not the only US governor present. Gov. Susana Martinez of New Mexico also attended the ceremony in Hersmosillo.

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