How to make sushi at home

Preparing sushi, a Japanese signature dish, is considered by many to be an art. It is an intimidating realm of cookery that not all beginners have the wherewithal to try for themselves, many preferring to leave it to the professionals. This type of fare can, however, be approached at home, even by beginners. After all, practice makes perfect.

Before starting, you may want to consider several tools that will make your approach to sushi in the kitchen that much easier. With rice being a signature part of so many sushi dishes, a rice cooker will prove helpful in preparing consistent and delicious rice for your rolls. No Recipes has a helpful step-by-step guide for preparing your own sushi rice without a rice cooker. You will also need high-quality knives, given the fact that sliced fish and vegetables are so instrumental in the making of this fare. The Denver Post also recommends a rice rolling mat, along with plastic wrap to prevent your rice from sticking to it.

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