By M.A. Velazquez

While the beach is a great place to get in some R & R, you can certainly kick things up a notch in Rocky Point. If extreme sports are more your thing, here are some options for the adventurous soul:

Jet Skis

Jet Ski rentals have long been a favorite of tourists to our beaches. The smooth waters and warm temperatures create the perfect environment for jetting around the bay at top speed. You can ride solo or rent a jet ski for two and really have a blast. Rental prices are determined by time: half hour, hour, etc. Your rental place will have life jackets and be sure to have a phone or watch to keep track of the time. Jet Ski rentals can be found on all of Rocky Point’s beaches. There’s no better feeling than having the wind in your face with the water splashing against you as you explore the waters of the Sea of Cortez in a fun and exciting way!

Ultra Light Flights

So what is an Ultra Light Flight? An Ultra Light-Flight (Light-Flight for short), is a lightweight aircraft that uses a slightly larger version of a hang glider wing. The speed at which the aircraft can travel may vary depending on the style of the wing. Some are built to fly as fast as 80 miles an hour, while others are slower, around 35 miles an hour. Light-Flights can provide quite the adrenalin rush, while still managing to be safe. According to Ian, a Light-Flight pilot in Rocky Point with many years of experience, pilots are trained to respect the weather conditions and use good judgment and often spend time practicing various landing maneuvers. “The Light-Flights provide an exhilarating experience and are well worth it,” according to the pilot. Group rates are also available if you have more than 2 people who want to fly. Light Flights can be found toward the end of Sandy Beach road.

Banana Boat Rides

For another exciting group experience, try a Banana Boat Ride, which can be found on Sandy Beach, Miridor Beach and Las Conchas Beach. The Banana Boat is one, sometimes two, inflatable recreational tubes designed specifically for towing and usually holds between 2-10 riders. They have straps to hold on to and tubes on the sides where you can rest your feet. All of the companies in Rocky Point provide life vests for riders. If you ride as a group and prefer a slower pace or have children riding, the driver will accommodate, and if you want to ride at top speed and are secretly hoping to get thrown into the water, the drivers are happy to floor it! The Banana Boat ride is defiantly worth doing, it’s a blast!

Scuba Diving

If exploring the waters is more appealing to you, the Sea of Cortez is perfect for it! You can bring your own diving equipment if you are certified and you can fill your tank at the local scuba shop, or you can rent diving or snorkel equipment. Most days the water is calm and clear making for perfect viewing of marine life and an exciting experience.

ATV Rentala

If you want to keep things on land, try renting a Polaris, Rhino or Quad. ATV rentals can be found on the roads near Sandy Beach and most reach speeds between 40-50 mph. You can rent by the hour and can take your ATV right in the sand dunes. Riding around on an ATV can be a great time as long you are watchful of cars and other riders.

So weather you are seeking the rush of the water or the thrill of the land for your next adrenaline boost, Rocky Point is a great place to find some excitement!

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